Kloopify at SPLC Summit, 2023

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Meet Kloopify Members at SPLC Summit 2023

Daniela Osio portrait



Daniela is an award-winning leader in the supply chain industry. She designed and implemented risk management organizations leading to Billions in revenue. Daniela led various procurement categories through the second-largest mergers in history achieving Millions in savings. She knows firsthand how difficult it is to achieve companies' sustainability goals with the current tools in the market.


Product Manager

Nehal is a Product Manager with a knack for transforming ideas into innovative and customer-centric products. Nehal's passion for empathising with users, combined with his strong technical skills, make him a driving force behind successful product launches.
Nehal urges to work for a cause, and Kloopify’s mission  to incorporate Sustainabiltiy in day-to-day operations goes hand in hand.