You Are What You Buy

The equivalent of “you are what you eat” for organizations.

What is measured CAN be managed

Kloopify answers important questions, fast- no matter who is asking.

Category Manager

What role does my category play into the entire organization?

How can I develop an impact reducing strategy for my commodities?

How can I share my commodities' sustainability performance?

What is the environmental impact of the products and services bought?


How do I create a data driven sustainable procurement strategy?

How can I empower my organization to reduce environmental impact?

How do I capture progress on environmental impact?

How can I share our progress with the CFO, CMO, CSO, etc.?


What is the impact of my suppliers, commodities & products purchased?

How do I integrate sustainability data into the supplier lifecycle?

How can I integrate sustainability data into the RFP process?

What commodities and suppliers should I focus to drive impact reductions?

Benefits of Working with Kloopify

Goals Achieved

It is significantly more effective to reduce your emissions by implementing sustainability into your procurement organization than any other business operation

Reduced Risk

98% of companies agree having a sustainable procurement strategy is necessary to reduce climate risk that amounts to $906 billion in potential damage

Increased Revenue

Sustainable businesses outperform their peers in all profit metrics by 3-6%

Supported Workforce

Procurement solution for procurement professionals based on the commodities you buy

Improved Supply Management

Improve supplier relationship management by integrating environmental performance data for the commodities you buy

Unlock the Power of Sustainable Procurement


City of Pittsburgh

Kloopify helped the City of Pittsburgh better understand the carbon emissions from their purchased goods and services, an area where they previously had limited information.

77% suppliers analyzed$54M total spend processed16.5K transactions analyzed45 Pilot Length Days33,800 Tons of CO2 in one year
By providing insight on where to best target our resources for the biggest gains, Kloopify has helped us quantify greenhouse gas intensity of our operations and procurement beyond what we could do ourselves.

Jennifer Olzinger
Chief Procurement Officer
City of Pittsburgh
Photo Of Jennifer Olzinger

How did Jennifer, the CPO, know in less than 10 days that 48 out of 1,419 suppliers made 80% of emissions?

Jennifer Olzinger
Chief Procurement Officer | City of Pittsburgh

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