Powering Climate Action with Data and AI

The first sustainability platform built for procurement.

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Data to power supply chain decarbonization

Kloopify has done the heavy lifting of harvesting and aggregating environmental data sets so you can start to get high quality analysis before reaching out to suppliers for information.

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What leading procurement professionals are saying...
“When we started, our supply chain emissions were a black box. A month later, we have full visibility into the emissions generated along our global  supply chain.”

Anya Gandy - Chief Sustainability Officer, Inari

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From the bottom up

Analyze every purchase

Gain the most detailed environmental impact analysis to drive action without sacrificing price and quality.

Kloopify broke the standard of summarized estimates by building a solution that analyzes every purchased item at a SKU level and applying the highest quality impact data.

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Get out of your inbox

Streamline supplier engagement to ease tension

Kloopify’s Supplier Management tools help you strategically engage supplier to collect important SKU level supplier information without needing to track one-off emails and forms.

Our process follows a rational ROI-based criteria which means you balancing effort and cost to support decision making.

Batteries Included

The most comprehensive ‘out of the box’ database

Kloopify has collected detailed environmental impact data on hundreds of thousands of companies and products. Stop wasting your and your suppliers’ time by hunting down information and asking the same questions over and over. Our ‘out of the box’ database ensures the most robust calculations

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For procurement, By Procurement

Designed to be procurement-first

Kloopify is a platform built for procurement teams, designed for efficient set up and allows users to integrate sustainability into existing procurement process without sacrificing price, quality and delivery.

Tackle your sustainability challenges head on. We’ll help.

Discover how Kloopify can help you drive impact reductions without sacrificing all the things that are important to you like cost, quality, and delivery

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