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S&P 500 companies have set and committed to ESG goals


of corporate sustainability efforts achieved their goals


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Kloopify helps benchmark your sustainable procurement activities in less than 5 business days.
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2023 PGH Start-Up Awards - Finalist : Founder of the Year
Pittsburgh Technology Council - Winner: Start-Up of the Year
Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center - Milestone Maker
Future Insights Network Young Transform Award - Winner
Procurement Innovation - Roundtable Presenter
Procurement Solution Provider - Finalist: Impact Category
2023 SPLC Summit - Key Speaker
2023 PGH Start-Up Awards - Winner: Founder of the Year

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Kloopify is built by procurement leaders for procurement leaders and answers the critical questions top down and bottom up.

How do I balance cost with impact reductions?
How can I develop an impact reducing strategy for my commodities?

How can I share my commodities performance with the organization?

What is the environmental impact of the products and services bought?
How do I create a data-driven sustainable procurement strategy?
How can I empower my organization to drive impact reductions?

How to capture the impact reductions we have made?

How can I share our progress with the CFO, CMO, CSO, etc.?
What is the impact of the commodities & services purchased?
How do I integrate sustainability data into my supplier evolution process?

How do I balance price, business objectives and sustainability?

What commodities and suppliers should I focus to drive impact reductions?

How Kloopify Works

Environmental Impact Data

Get accurate baseline procurement emissions and analyze hotspots based on purchased goods & services.

Personalized Insights

Procurement professionals get a strategic view of sustainability metrics across the organization and specifically within their buyspace.

Corporate Alignment

Benchmarks and trends become obvious and easy to track. Conversations throughout the organization become unified on the environmental impact of the commodities procured.

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Kloopify helped the City of Pittsburgh better understand the carbon emissions from their purchased goods and services, an area where they previously had very limited visibility.

45 Day Pilot | 16,500 Transactions Analyzed
By providing insight on where to best target our resources for the biggest gains, Kloopify has helped us quantify greenhouse gas intensity of our operations and procurement beyond what we could do ourselves.
Photo Of Jennifer Olzinger
Jennifer Olzinger
Chief Procurement Officer
City of Pittsburgh
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With Kloopify, Jennifer achieves the following:

Kloopify helps you increase revenue while achieving your sustainability goals
Integrate Sustainable Goods & Services
Kloopify’s enables the transition to procuring sustainable goods & services.
S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
Specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based goal setting with supporting sustainability data.
Full Procurement Impact Insight
Kloopify’s emission engine accurately measures your commodities footprint to establish an accurate sustainability baseline.
Achieve Sustainability Procurement Goals
Kloopify enables you to analyze and execute on your sustainability goals with real time relevant sustainability data based on the commodities you buy.
Continuous Improvement
Enable procurement to measure their successes and setbacks and use this information to strive for continued improvement.




Daniela is an award-winning leader in the supply chain industry. She designed and implemented risk management organizations leading to billions in revenue. Daniela led various procurement categories through the second-largest mergers in history achieving millions in savings. She knows firsthand how difficult it is to achieve companies' sustainability goals with the current tools in the market.

Daniela Osio