Kloopify is a sustainable procurement platform

that empowers procurement professionals with the data, analytics, and visibility into the environmental impact of all purchases.



Benefits of Working with Kloopify


It is 11x more effective to reduce your emissions by implementing sustainability into your procurement organization than any other business operation

Reduced Risk

98% of companies said that having a sustainable procurement approach is key for a company’s future success because of the  US$906 billion risk that climate change poses to suppliers

Increased Revenue

Sustainable businesses outperform their peers in all   profit metrics by 3-6%

Improved Supply Management

Improve supplier relationship management by integrating environmental performance data for the commodities you buy

Supported Workforce

Procurement solution for procurement professionals based on the commodities you buy

How Kloopify Works

Environmental Impact Data

Get accurate baseline procurement emissions and analyze hotspots based on purchased goods & services.

Personalized Insights

Procurement professionals get a strategic view of sustainability metrics across the organization and specifically within their buyspace.

Corporate Alignment

Benchmarks and trends become obvious and easy to track. Conversations throughout the organization become unified on the environmental impact of the commodities procured.

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Daniela is an award-winning leader in the supply chain industry. She designed and implemented risk management organizations leading to Billions in revenue. Daniela led various procurement categories through the second-largest mergers in history achieving Millions in savings. She knows firsthand how difficult it is to achieve companies' sustainability goals with the current tools in the market.

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