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Kloopify Competitor Analysis

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At Kloopify, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver beyond spend-based insights to help guide you and your stakeholders through every sourcing decision-from piloting to optimizing, we've got you covered.

By auditing the full scope in the value chain from data analysis to overall carbon intensity in supply chain optimization, we offer transformative solutions to help your team achieve all sustainable procurement goals. 

This article outlines Kloopify's competitiveness in how we line up to others with similar offerings. Our team felt it is important to showcase the main differences to help sustainability leaders easily navigate their process to vet a third party carbon accounting option.

Kloopify stands out when compared to other industry players:

Kloopify Dashboard Complete with BuySpaces

Kloopify is more than just a SaaS platform; it's a movement toward a sustainable future that is designed to drive value chain impact reductions. By leveraging Kloopify, you can create “Buyspaces for each team member,” empowering them to focus on the outcomes they can deliver. 

As the sustainability leader, cultivating a process that works for everyone and integrates seamlessly into existing procurement procedures is key to success.

Holistic Approach to Supply Chain Management

We offer an all-in-one SaaS solution that analyzes all purchased goods and services through machine learning technology. Kloopify was built by procurement leaders to integrate into the entire end-to-end procurement process and provides the right impact data to deliver on goals with an easy-to-use dashboard. 

Our platform enables businesses to transform their supply chains into eco-friendly, socially responsible, and revenue-generating networks. Kloopify is dedicated to curating up-to-date databases and protocols to accurately measure all scope emissions down to the individual commodity, item, and service. 

Kloopify’s Competitors:

Kloopify 2023 Competitor Comparison Chart
  1. Kloopify is for the modern procurement leader looking to add sustainability to their value chain. With a focus on Scope 3 emissions, our SaaS machine learning platform, audit's all important hotspots. Our platform is complete with a realtime dashboard where your team can create "Buyspaces," that creates visibility into each individual goals.
  2. CDP is a well-known platform for collecting environmental disclosures from self reporting data geared for marketing pros insights. While CDP focuses on environmental data and reporting of companies, Kloopify extends this by collecting the impact of individual goods and services and integrating it directly into procurement operations, offering real-time insights into carbon intensity per dollar spent.Procurement negotiates with suppliers but buys goods and services. At Kloopify, we empower procurement with the data and technology needed to drive impact reductions
  3. Sievo specializes in procurement analytics and spend management. Kloopify differentiates itself by linking cost optimization with sustainability metrics that drive meaningful impact reductions. Thus allowing businesses to make decisions that align with their values beyond spend-based evaluations and consider the full scope of emissions associated with every item, commodity, and service that they procure.
  4. Carbmee concentrates on carbon footprint measurement at a superficial level without integrating it into existing procurement processes and solutions. Their team does not focus on sustainability in the value chain but has a jack of all trades, master of none value prop. Kloopify is built by procurement professionals for procurement professionals, which means we collect the appropriate sustainability indicators that lead to impact reductions and seamlessly integrate them into existing processes.
  5. Vizibl offers supplier collaboration and performance management. Kloopify stands out with its deep procurement and sustainability integration, empowering procurement through the entire procurement process.
One of the many things that clients of Kloopify use to deliver results is “BuySpaces,” which enables employees to track individual goals, help build the team’s success, and maintain focus.

In addition to enabling supplier collaboration, Kloopify proactively engages throughout the entire bidding process. This enables organizations to not only manage suppliers but also enhance their supply chains' eco-friendliness proactively with our easy-to-use dashboard. In addition to enabling supplier collaboration, Kloopify proactively engages throughout the entire bidding process.

This enables organizations to not only manage suppliers but also enhance their supply chains' eco-friendliness proactively with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Why Choose Kloopify?

While our competitors focus on specific aspects of sustainability and supply chain management, Kloopify takes a comprehensive approach. We believe that sustainability shouldn't be a siloed effort—it should be an inherent part of supply chain operations. 

With Kloopify, businesses can transform their operations, reduce their carbon footprint, generate revenue, and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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Schedule a Demo with our sustainability leader at Kloopify, we’re happy to answer your questions about processes to help guide you to get started. 

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